You’re in safe hands.
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The vast amount of textile knowledge and experience we have is an asset that’s available to you. At Stanley Mills we don’t just want to be your weaver, we want to add so much more value. And that’s why we’re such a valuable partner for many of our customers.

By taking responsibility for delivering the whole manufacturing process we free up time for you to run your business and to generate more sales.

Our Project Managed Production service is an end-to-end process that can start with design and end when we deliver the finished goods on your behalf. Tap into whatever elements of our service you need and let us carry the burden of ensuring quality and consistency throughout the manufacturing process.

  • Design
  • Yarn sourcing and purchasing
  • Range weaving
  • Sample length weaving
  • Production weaving
  • Mending
  • Finishing
  • Warehousing and inspection
  • Dispatch and transportation
Our computer tracking systems and processes allow us to know at all times how customers’ orders are progressing. This same system provides us with complete traceability of raw material and production.

Place yourself in our experienced hands and our Project Managed Manufacturing service and you’ll see why we produce some of the world’s finest cloths.